Sunday, October 31, 2010

we're all mad here

i decided on a last minute costume this year. i had more and better ideas, but didn't feel like spending the time or the money. like i always say, next year i'll dress up.
so i was cat. meow.

dress: thrifted for $1.49, sewed on the collar myself
tights: gift
shoes: forever 21
headband: i made it this morning

i also painted my nails to look like candy corn. I LOVE CANDY CORN

the angles in the first photo make my head/shoulders look large. but it'll have to do because i didn't want to go outside and take photos and i couldn't find my remote.

also! i carved a pumpkin this year! i carved professor snape, the potions master, and my friend, daniel, carved lord voldemort, the dark lord. it was his first pumpkin he's ever carved. not too shabby.

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