Thursday, October 28, 2010


hello readers! or lack thereof! i want to try to update more during the week despite my busy schedule, so here we go!

i know i haven't advertised it much, but i've started a handmade etsy. right now i've got a couple of little hoots (tiny plush owls, perfect for a desk or to carry with you on adventures), some hair bows (made from vintage materials) and condom pouches (yes. that's right.).

all the hairbows are backed with an alligator clip for security and comfort.

my gryffindor inspired condom pouch.

it may seem weird to you to make condom pouches. but let me explain. girls got to protect themselves too! you can't always depend on everyone else to take care of things for you. so here is a cute way to be safe, and hide your personal business within your purse. i've had guys buy them too. they're also a perfect sized pouch to hold headphones or anything else small really.

i've got tons more to come in the shop soon! including brooches, tampon pouches (oh yes), and the bigger owls i've been making!


  1. The owl is adorable :)
    Must admit the Griffindor condom pouch cracks me up :D Geeky safe sex (that said of course I've read all the Potters.. most of them twice)

  2. I love the bow condom pouch!!!! It is so cute.


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