Tuesday, November 6, 2012

indian summer

as i make this post, obama has just been re-elected president of the united states. 
it is safe to say i am very pleased. 

i've been really awful about actually taking the time to take photographs of my outfit, other than instagram, and then take the time to edit and post them. but i am trying. i'm finally getting the hang of my schedule, even though the semester is halfway over. i've been going back to the gym, doing surprisingly well on things in class, and learning new/old photographic techniques (cyanotypes/van dyke).  

today was nearly 80 degrees here, but the end of the week should be 60s. but what i am most excited for is friday and saturday. friday, my boyfriend and i are going to go see delta spirit! my favorite band of ever, and his newly appointed top band. we haven't done anything fun or roadtrip-y yet, so i'm excited. and saturday, i asked for the day off so i can sleep in, and hang out with him, and just do normal things that people who get days off get to do. i am very excited. 

sometimes i get leaves in my hair.

cardigan: forever 21
dress: modcloth
shoes: asos


  1. These photographs are really cute! :) I love seeing your alt process photos on instagram! Have you learned gum yet?

  2. aww you look so pretty in all of these, love those sassy little smiles! Great dress & aaah what? they already know election results, crazy! A day off sounds wonderful, good to hear you're getting in a good, healthy routine, I need to get back to the gym & healthier, which would prob start by not being on the computer after 11pm when I work at 8...

  3. Really love this outfit. The shoes are really cute!

  4. I was very pleased (and relieved) too! I love your outfit, also! The orange dress looks wonderful on you!


  5. Congrats on being doing well on so many things! That dress looks great on you! And have you changed your hair color? It looks awesome ;).

    Awe, I'm so pleased with the weather here! On Monday it was 101F! And these days above 90F. I don't want it to change!

    Have fun at the concert! ;D I don't think I know the band.

  6. this dress is so darn adorable on you. it's a great color. and those warm temperatures are enviable. it was 35 degrees when i got in my car this morning and i about cried.

    <3 katherine

  7. Your outfits are always so cute! I love your cardigan with that dress, the colours blend so well together :) I'm also in love with your shoe collection, I need to get myself some brogues like yours. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    Jenny xx

  8. I was very pleased that Obama won too. So glad I got out and voted to make my voice heard!
    Anyway, this look is really cute. I like your dress a lot.

    <3 Melissa

  9. Hello! I have just had a little creep of your blog and I think it is very wonderful. You have such a cute style, anybody who wears brogues are okay in my book :) PS: yaaay roadtrips are the funnest!


  10. Your blog is so lovely! I cant believe i have only just come across it! You have such a great sense of style!! I cant wait to see more posts,


  11. i am also very happy that obama won, voting is so wonderful! i am always grateful to live in a country where women's voices can be heard too. i love this look, the dress is so cute!

    lindsey louise


  12. You are absolutely gorgeous and have fantastic style!! I'm so happy I just came across it and am very pleased to be your newest follower :)


  13. You have the most perfect hair in the world. And I love the detailing on the cardigan. I wish it was summer again in Canada.

  14. Darling dress, but I'm really lusting after your cute shoes!

  15. Love the outfit! I'm a new follower and just checked out your Etsy shop! I love it! I make a lot of similar things. You seem like a cool girl and I'm new to the blogging world, so I would love if you had time to check out my blog!

    <3, Kelsey

  16. Congrats on re-electing Obama :)
    I can't believe how hot it is where you are.. in November?!


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