Sunday, November 25, 2012

glassesusa review

now this post took me a long time to get up. but i wanted to make sure i was completely done with everything before i finished it. 

i was contacted by glasses usa to do a product review. but i was not just sent glasses. i was sent a giftcard code so i would go through the entire process like any other person. 

it all started out okay, i got the code, and i had picked out glasses, waited a little too long (i get busy what can i say) and the giftcode expired! the person i was in contact with has been more than happy to fix that and work with me, so she did, and i picked out a pair of glasses:

i was pretty excited! they looked adorable on the screen, and i had just dealt with firmoo and the quality of those were awesome! so i expected even better from glasses usa
but unlike with firmoo, after i entered my prescription, glasses usa needed to verify it, and instead of emailing me first, they called my phone (which is a huge pet peeve of me with companies, especially when i order online!) and i don't answer numbers i don't know, and i rarely listen to voicemails, so that added a couple extra days onto it before i could find the scanned copy of my prescription and email it to them.  

when i did get the package i was so excited! i went to go try them on right away. and i took these photos right as i was opening the box. 

they came in such a nice little case and everything. 

but this is where the unfortunate stuff starts, 
first, they were CROOKED. this happens to me a lot with cheaper glasses. they don't sit straight on my face. but i did not have a problem with that at all with the pair from firmoo. 

if you can see here, my fingers are not even on the same level. 

so i started going about the process to return them. there is no reason to keep glasses (especially when i spent extra on them) that do not work for me. i looked all over the website, and they say:

i could not find a return service area, but instead i had to go to customer service, and contact them, and wait for a reply. then they did not initially start the return process. instead asked me if there was anything else i could do for them (which i understand, but start it, and ask that in the same email). and when they created a 'return ticket' for me, it also had an expiration date! so of course, being me, i did not get to it in time, so i had to pay for return shipping back to them, even with their 365 day return policy. so i sent it off, emailed them. then there was some more stuff that happened where they said they hadn't gotten my glasses i returned, and could only offer me store credit, but with an email back saying i did not want store credit, because i would not be shopping at their online retailer anymore, they somehow got the glasses and returned the money i had spent extra (beyond the gift card) on the glasses. 

so in the end, this company was not for me. it seems i am unable to operate within their time frame of purchasing and returning glasses, and i was not satisfied with the product. i know i'm not the only one who did not have a positive experience this company, i don't want to say now, don't try this company, but do so at your own risk, and make sure you have time to deal with it! i didn't, so it caused unnecessary problems.

but, if you're willing, they constantly have sales, including currently, getting half off, plus free shipping.

this was a sponsored post, i was given a gift card code, and was instructed on using it to purchase glasses and to review the process. these are my honest opinions and i am not being paid for my opinions, or to write this post, i was only given the gift card in exchange for giving my review. 


  1. Wow, what a disappointing experience!! I personally had a WONDERFUL experience with Firmoo so I'm glad they contacted me instead of glassesusa haha... I just sound too much like you and would have such a hard time with all of those time frames!!


  2. GlassesUSA is a terrible, dishonest company. I bought a pair that did not fit but there is no facility to return them despite claims of 100% money back guarantee. Just try contact them regarding returns, no email response for months, no one answers phones. Moreover they say in the fine print that only a maximum of 80% will be refunded due to refitting despite plastering 100% money back guarantee all over the site. I have had a horrible experience; just search GlassesUSA returns reviews and you'll see there are many people who've had the same disaster.

    1. yeah i've noticed this afterwards, but as someone who wears glasses nearly every waking moment, i should try.


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