Thursday, July 12, 2012

like it's something

sometimes i get so inexplicably sad. i wish i understood why. it's like anxiety creeps up on me whenever i'm alone. i shake my leg until i forget what i'm doing, or i bite off my nails one by one in public. i try to concentrate on sewing, books, music, or a silly television show but i can't. like my mind races off in another direction without me and i'm left sitting here wondering what's going on. 
maybe it's the heat (currently 101 F), maybe it's nothing. but it always FEELS like something. even if it's nothing (it is nothing). 
i got this dress from little miss amber, over at modest june. i'm unreasonably tall, so it's a little short, but adorable, blue, and has pockets.  so i don't mind.  i wore this outfit to sit inside and sew, develop some film (i updated my flickr here), and go and visit some boy. i changed my shoes three times while wearing this. and even ended up with tights on for a brief while. i can't make up my mind. fickle little lady. 

shoes:  forever 21

bunny time, all the time. 


  1. I hear you! I was feeling so sad today, too, and for absolutely no reason! At least it passes, right? The dress is a tad short, but I think it's gorgeous (& so are you!!)
    xo Heather

  2. I find myself growing melancholy for no apparent reason. It's an odd mixture of loneliness (which really makes no sense), or even a foreboding sense of not really being known by anyone in particular. Life is fickle, and maybe this is all character building though.

    You look so pretty in this dress, better than I ever did. :)

  3. That dress is beautiful! Such pretty detailing with the polka dots and little trimmings.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  4. P.s. And don't worry, everyone gets that little sad feeling every now and then. It's very normal. I find the best thing you can do is go for a really long walk.

  5. oooh those sad and no good feelings are never a fun time.. but I know I've been there. I hope you get to cheering up soon, maybe when the weather stops being so awful (it's in the hundreds here too:{).

    but on another note, this dress is adorable.

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  6. I'm a newcomer to your blog and I absolutely love your style! And yes, I often have moments of sadness and I never really know why. Humans are strange.

    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)

    Jenny xox

  7. oh how i want to e-mail you all about how i feel that way ALL the damn time. and i can't explain it. i just get overwhelming sad and 'off' feeling and i have no clue what is going on. there isn't like a total reason for it. sometimes it gets so bad i feel like i can't breathe - or i do this crazy laughing/crying thing and i'm mostly laughing because it's really strange and weird and a bit funny that i am so sad i am crying. yeah. basically - you aren't alone. and i wish i could offer some advice, but i do the same thing, i just try and distract myself with knitting and tv and designing.

    on the other side of this post, we should also talk about how insanely adorable you are and i love everything about this outfit, these photos, that dress. it is the cutest color, shape, and i love it on you. and your bunny is ADORABLE.

  8. YAY for the headbanging bunny! Very cute dress and you have gorgeous legs. I know how you feel by the way. Sometimes you just... worry. I worry and I get sad about all the things I can worry about and than... well, by than shit's gone to hell. Of course you try and distract yourself but it rarely works for me. I just have to kind of "wait it out" until my mood changes.

  9. girl you look teeny meeny OMG!!! have you been working out? mm ok anyway, you look great in that little dress, short but def not too short. I'd love to see Amber in it since she's short, did she do a post in it do u know? btw how tall are you? i have a totally random question i always wonder about bunnies, do you let them loose in your place do they poop all over or can you train them like cats w/ litterboxes? anyway, I remember that feeling, mostly my first and second years of college and have come to the conclusion that it was the isolation and lonliness of not having as much human contact/social interactions/a sense of community even if it didnt necessary mean i had more friends in hs if that makes any sense. sometimes i feel like that if i miss work a day but I think since college it's just been work work work and I don't get time to think about it. anywho, hope the being preocupied w/ other things helps, sorry for my blog absence, I've missed you!

  10. Oh, I understand that feeling :/ ... Being so far away from my loved ones and everything I know is turning me into a weird self.

    But anyway, I love the dress! And look awesome! Hope you're feeling way better now ;).


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