Monday, April 2, 2012

come again some other day

it sure has been raining a lot here. this week has started out on a sunny note, so much so, that i had to take off my fleece at work when i was cashier-ing. because that's a word. 
i feel like i haven't had a moments rest. i've fallen a bit behind on my school work, been working a decent amount, and i just moved! i'm trying to get everything together, while still going on about my day. pretty hard to do so when living out of boxes. the situation isn't perfect (no kitchen), but i'm on my own when i come home. i don't have to worry about anyone else, or roommates. just cooking smells from the connected house wafting over (chinese food), and doing my dishes in the shower (shower dishes is what i've taken to calling them). 

this outfit looks a little haphazard. like i fell into my hamper, and this is what came out. it's hard to dress cute for the rain without wearing jeans and boots. at least for me.
i hope everyone is doing well!

coat: tucker for target
cardigan: target
dress: thrifted
belt:  thrifted
shoes: asos

also, the winner of the giveaway was:


  1. I hate dressing for the rain. But you look super cute and I love the colour combo here.
    -Andi x

  2. Haha, dishes in the shower! It reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer does everything in the shower, hehe.

    Happy midweek, Bethany! ;D

  3. Just discovered your blog, and I'm really happy that I did! I don't think the outfit looks haphazard at all, it's super cute and classic.

  4. such a pretty dress- awesome find! and great w/ those tights. glad to hear despite a kitchen things are going better after the move. hope you get some rest this weekend! and tot unrelated but I find jeans THE worst to wear in the rain... stay wet forever, unlike lovely tights.

  5. You don't look like you fell into the hamper. Not one bit! I really like the colors in this outfit. Rust and blue are beautiful together. I'm going to miss them come summer.

    Making certain concessions is almost always inevitable when it comes to claiming space for yourself, though not having a proper kitchen is a bummer.

  6. i'm dying over how cute those shoes are. i wish i had money! haha. they are adorable. and i adore this dress, it's always a favorite! congrats on being all moved, i can't wait until that day comes for me. eeee!

  7. I really love the dress! Love the last photo!

  8. Your hair is like 27 miles long. & these photos of this outfit are very 70's and perfect in my brain.


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