Friday, March 30, 2012

good fortune

my "spring break" was so short lived. i barely had time to do practical things, like an eye appointment and car stuff. that i only saw my grandma for a short lunch. i used to live with her for three years. so now it's weird just coming and going and not really seeing one another. 
i'm really anxious and excited about moving. i feel like i'm in this weird limbo state. i haven't been able to put any effort into my diet, even though i'm back at the gym. i can't concentrate in school. i just want to start fresh there. hopefully everything works out the way i want it to and i can stay there for the duration of my schooling here. i've been thinking about graduate programs and it's so nerve wracking! 

sweater: vintage/thrifted
dress: borrowed from my sister (it was her high school grad dress!)
belt: borrowed from another dress of my sisters
necklace and tights:  borrowed from my sister
shoes: forever 21 (the straps just broke, so i made them flats)


  1. This colour looks great on you! I love that smiling photo of you because it looks really candid. Hope things work out how you want them to as well <3
    -Andi x

  2. i loveee my grandma. I wish i could spend more time with her! i only get to see her once or twice a year but our phone calls are perfect. that color is positively gorgeous on you and i adore your hair. i really want wavy hair!! I now spend 45 minutes a day curling it into 'unkept' waves. bleh.

  3. OH GMA. Tell that sassy lady I miss her. Also, you look awesome in Sam's dress. Now I remember the dress and the cons she wore with it :) Everything is going to work out, love bug. Esp the new place. It's fantastic and you're going to make it super lovely for yourself.

  4. Your last photo makes me miss CA so much!

  5. I love this post! Not only do you look adorable (as usual) but I love when bloggers post photos of what they've been up to. Also, digging that fortune.

  6. WOW L-O-V-E your outfit! The color is gorgeous on you!

  7. What an awesome fortune! ;D And try not to stress yourself out; I'm sure everything will slowly fall into place once you're settled down in your new home.


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