Thursday, February 16, 2012

there's certain things

like eating candy hearts all day, because it's valentine's day. they're absolutely one of my favorite candies ever. EVER. they used to make tart ones, which were the BEST BEST, but they've discontinued them and replaced them with 'dazzled tarts' which are terrible and glittery? i don't want to eat sparkly candy. they don't even taste the same. boo.

despite going through a recent break-up of sorts, i still like the cuteness of valentine's day. and i like dressing thematically. the sweater has tiny little hearts stitched into it, heart tights, peter pan collar, and mary jane flats. all of the cute things.

hello giant photo of my face.

cardigan:  ezekiel, circa 2007
dress: asos
tights:  target
shoes: forever 21

also! i reached 100 followers on gfc! 


  1. "Hello giant photo of my super way too beautiful face" is what you meant right? 'Cause that's the TRUTH. This is an adorable outfit. Makes me wish I went a bit more thematic with my Valentine's Day look!

  2. I really like your whimsical take on a Valentine's Day look. Super cute! Also, you look very pretty in these picture and I'm loving the way you did your hair. I sometimes wish I could tame my curls and make them into giant waves, but they usually don't want to cooperate with me. haha

  3. I miss the tart hearts so much!! The pineapple flavor was the best. Your outfit is so cute!

  4. Very cute look. I especially love the tights.

  5. Gorgeous, love muffin <3 I looked like a slobby slob on vday so thanks for dressing all lovely like for the both of us.

  6. super cute outfit, I love how you've themed everything, that cardy is such a pretty colour


  7. love this outfit - that dress looks great on you! And I adore your glasses too!

  8. Aww you look adorable in those tights & sweater! Glad to hear you enjoyed your day. Thanks for all your sweet comments : )


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