Sunday, February 26, 2012

sweet like cinnamon

it's been a long time since i've gotten dressed, went outside, then went back inside to immediately change my clothes. but that's what happened here. the weather had said it would be 70 degrees. and my brain was like, "YEAH time to wear a sundress!" so i did. then went outside, discovered how ridiculously windy it was, and immediately threw together this outfit, took these pictures, and was barely on time for school. but that's fine. i was surprised how quickly i was able to throw this together. 

cardigan: target
shirt: thrifted dress
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tights:  target
shoes: asos

i'm still obsessing over lana del rey. 


  1. That was totally me the other day. It was 60 out and I was all DENIM JACKET, but then it was all crazy windy. Except, I was stubborn and stuck with my denim jacket. Whoops!
    Anyway, this is a lovely outfit. I really love how those purple tights look with that cardigan. I have a pair of tights the exact same color but am generally kind of stumped by what to wear them with.

  2. Yup, February is not to be trusted! I'm getting very excited about the possibility of sundressed though. I love the stripes and buttons though. Just add more layers til it's weather appropriate ;)

  3. The wind ruins everything sometimes.

  4. i hate the wind. :( honestly.... it seems that it's especially windy in northern california. however, you work this outfit well even if it was thrown on quickly!! i love that horizontal photo of you.

  5. I somehow always walk out of the house in a hat on windy days. Usually my hat makes the outfit so then I have to re-change. It's such a pain!

    I think you pulled yourself together swimmingly. It's got fun colors and fun patterns and is totally wind-friendly. :)


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