Friday, February 24, 2012

playing the fool

i've been listening to too many oldies, the fool that i am, fool such as i,  my foolish heart.  they ring so true, and have a way of making me feel like i'm not alone, when usually, i am, living here. 
but i'm trying to take playing the fool as a good thing.  'the fool' in tarot cards usually signifies wonder, child-like amusement with the world, fresh starts, and new adventures. i don't want to put down the past, or 'start over' with something new. i just need a fresh outlook. new optimism. find my new groove (llama face).  so far i've just been sticking with reading all the books (cannery row currently), and actually gasp! going to the gym. 

cardigan: vintage
shirt: thrifted
jeans:  gap
shoes: asos


  1. You're so charmingly lovely!
    -Stef (can't bother to sign in)

  2. Aww! You're so pretty :D
    You always look at the ground though :p

  3. hi barbara. haha. you're adorable.


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