Wednesday, February 29, 2012

such a strange vine

my photography professors have always been my favorites. except for two. they were the worst. but this semester my teacher is the best best best. he jumps across the classroom, uses a slew of $5 dollar words, and makes us contemplate why. all the time. why we're doing something, why we framed it that way, why this is what it is and what it means. so i often find myself writing down small bits of his lectures all over my notes (next to my doodles of bunnies and clouds).  
in our last class, he was talking about a images, and how images reveal certain things, and they have to reveal something about something. whether it reveals something about us (the photographer) or about the content in the image. but most importantly, he said that the thing contains the experience. and that the preceding is just as important. that sometimes you might be in too close to a situation, and not be able to see it. and that everything that happened prior to the photo, or the situation, is just as important as what is currently happening. i apologize for my abstractness. but it's been weighing on my mind since, that maybe i'm too close, and taking a step back, and remembering everything that has happened before that lead to where i am, and what i'm doing, is just as important. 

outfit talk: this is one of my favorite dresses, in sheer appearance. i don't think it's the perfect dress for me, it doesn't fit me quite the way i want to, the elastic waist moves up and down too much, so i belt it down. and i probably should've worn pants this day, but i liked it regardless. 

cardigan: vintage/thrifted
dress:  forever 21
belt: stolen from my mom
shoes: asos


  1. That dress is lovely, and looks super cute with the belt + cardigan. <3

    I really want to get a lace dress, myself, but all the ones I find are too short for me. Sometimes I curse my height. :-P

  2. That dress looks so cute belted down!

    Your photo teacher sounds like he gives awesome lectures.

  3. You have got one smart teacher! I had a youth pastor back in high school who was very similar. He always had the right thing to say and was incredibly insightful. Oh, and he had the best sense of humor which also made any lesson seem funner. (or would that be, more fun?!)
    Well anyways! I'm glad that you have a teacher who is actually a big help! Most people I know just complain about their teachers. lol

    I am totally gonna have to haunt the F21 site for that dress! I've been trying to track down a white lace one for quite awhile and it would come in handy with spring right around the corner. It looks super cute on you! :)

    1. i got this dress in august, so i'm not sure if you can find it! but good luck!

  4. Your class sounds amazing, I'm so jealous that you're studying photography. I think that dress looks lovely on you, I wouldn't have known you didn't like the fit. Very pretty.

  5. I adoooore this dress on you! SO lovely!
    and your photography class sounds amazing:)

  6. What a beautiful dress! Too bad the fit isn't perfect, but it photographs fabulously!

  7. Your photography professor sounds like a swell guy. I feel the same way about my literature professor (as I believe we've discussed). Cool teachers are the best. Also, that dress is the best. And you are also the best.

  8. I looove this dress! I can imagine wearing it as a wedding dress :p. And no pants! It looks perfect with tights.

    It must be so cool to find a teacher who has something enlightening to say every class!


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