Friday, January 13, 2012


i've decided to challenge myself this year. and try to complete a 365 project. i'm going to take at least one photo a day. and i'll post them here every week or two, depending on well, when i feel like it. 
so here are the first thirteen days. and brief explanations. 

jan 1: the valley always gets really interesting fog. i attempted to capture it, but i was at a stop sign and had an impatient truck behind me.

jan 2: i packed up my stuff from spending two weeks in patterson, and drove back to sacramento.

jan 3: i ran random errands, the anita came over, and we went to ikea. 

jan 4: pistachio stood like this for a couple minutes.

jan 5: i made hummus. 

jan 6: i got a new lens. 50mm 1.8. and also went to wal-mart.

jan 7: i got my new camera. a canon 60d

jan 8: the reason i haven't been blogging. my roommate's dog infested the house, including my room, with fleas. so i scoured the entire place. and took care of it, hopefully.

jan 9: what having fleas makes you do. clean. everything. i also don't have a clothesline. 

jan 10: i babysat a child in my not child-proof room. 

jan 11: fine. fresh. fierce.

jan 12: the other reason i haven't been around. babysitting for 6 hours a day. right after she had been crying, for whatever reason. then i turned on adventure time. and she fell asleep.

jan 13: i really wanted pizza. so i went to wal-mart to find a cheap frozen veggie option. the cheapest one that wasn't cheese was $7. so i went home and made food instead. but i was bummed. 


  1. Awesome, I love projects like this! And in case you didn't see the feedback on Etsy, my dress arrived and I love it. Thanks so much!

  2. I always love your photos. And projects like these are such a great idea. Maybe I'll start day. Also, wow, Canon 60D shots look amazing (I mean, I get that there's only so much the camera will do but I meant the non-graininess of the low-light shots. Jealous! Meant to say that on Tumblr when you posted something when you first got it.)
    -Andi x

  3. Hi, Bethany! I like this project!

    I can't believe your house got infested with fleas! :( Bummer! Hope they're all gone by now.

    I like life through your new lens and camera :).

    And thank you so much for your words today. I am finally doing a little better :).

    Oh, this post has reminded me that I still have to visit Ikea! I've never been there!

    Have a great week! ;D


  4. My new years resolution this year was to take a picture everyday also! I made a file called "366 and then some" because 2012 is a leap year. Hope you can keep up with it - I always love your pictures.

  5. hey girl thanks for your sweet comment, so glad to hear you enjoy it! & thx for the blog rec, def taking a look. awesome job doing this challenge, I loved seeing this little glimpse into your life. that first picture is amazing & your bunny is adorable. Hope you got the flea prob under control, sure sounds annoying!

  6. I also love that last one, how you made such a "normal" parking lot look totally cool & got great lighting. Super cute outfit above too : )


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