Saturday, January 7, 2012

the last of them

i promise you all, i do believe, this is the last of my 2011 posts. sometimes, i get dressed, and don't do a whole lot. like this day, i played a lot of atari with my brother (my parents bought the family one for christmas), and then i probably did something later, but i don't recall.
i was still teaching my brother to use the camera, he hasn't quite gotten down the low light situation yet, but soon enough i'm sure he'll master it.

sweater: forever 21, gift
dress: modcloth
tights: target
shoes: asos, gift
cowl: handmade

~new years eve~

i had a lovely and low key new years eve. i spent it with d. we drank jameson and ginger ale, ate pizza, roasted marshmallows, and went to bed early. the only thing i would've asked for, would've been a scrabble match. again, the remote is mia, and daniel was outside building the fire, so i just took some photos in the mirror. class act.

cardigan: target
dress: forever 21, gift
tights: old navy
necklace: fever few, gift

this was subsequently, also, my 200th post.


  1. Man, wearing a sweater over a dress is totally my go to thing now. You look so cute! Also, now I want marshmallows and to play scrabble.

  2. What a nice picture of you and your borther! And I love the white dress!

  3. love love love the different textures of your lacy dress and tights! and sunset photos in suburban streets always warm my heart :)

  4. You are so lovely. <3 And your brother is too cute. Here's to another year of embarrassing them!

  5. That lace dress looks AWESOME. And I love your sweater/dress combo. I love when people layer sweaters over their dresses but I never seem to be able to figure out a way to make it work on me! Love the buttons on your dress, too. So cute.

    1. i'm still figuring out the sweater dress combo. i learned more 'cropped' sweaters work better, because then i look less muffiny? i know that's not a word. but still.
      the dress was on sale at f21!!

  6. You can tell there is a boy in the house when the toilet seat is left up <3. Pretty girl.


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