Monday, January 2, 2012

day after

well. i lost my camera remote. again. it might be in sacramento, it might be here. who knows. i just placed an order for a new one (along with another big item), so hopefully you'll see outfits.
anyway, this is from the day after christmas! i wore some new stuff (i love the holidays for the new clothes i get!), and relaxed all day. it was lovely.
this post also features, pistachio, my sisters, and my christmas outfit in photobooth form!


hat: forever 21
cardigan: thrifted/vintage
striped shirt: thrifted
jeans: gap
shoes: asos
necklace: forever 21 (reminds me of prongs)
new glasses!: honeybadger from bonlook

every year, my sisters and i take tons of silly photos.

cardigan: forever 21
dress: forever 21
belt: thrifted
tights: hue

since i've been here i've been living half out of a suitcase, half everything on the floor. i decided to pick up and have bunny time. pistachio wanted to be packed.


  1. happy new year!
    what a cuuuute bunny - and i love the color of your hat! xx

  2. You're so cute! Red lipstick looks great on you! And I love Pistachio; he seems so soft, hehe :P.

    Hope you've started 2012 with the best energy!


  3. I loveeee your rust colored hat! It looks amazing with your stripes, too. I may have to try that. I really want cool glasses. I have these fake ones I wear around, but I feel so, well... FAKE when I wear them. ha! I need some cool awesome prescription ones. Also, I love what you're wearing in your christmas pictures. Outfit post that!? Hehe:)

  4. Aww, Pistachio is such a cutie! <3 and I love love love your deer necklace!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  5. Man, these are my favorite sorts of outfits. Jeans and a beanie - BEST. Your hat is adorable. Also adorable are your silly sister pictures! And your other outfit. That too is adorable. SO MUCH ADORABLE.

  6. I like how I've already seen the silly photo booth pictures :) Oh, Facebook. You look cute all comfy like. I like your hat a lot.

  7. Aw! I love your outfit! I have a necklace very similar - I love deer. <3 I also love your shoes. So cute.

    Second of all, your bunny is adorable and sort of makes me wish I still had my bunny. And also, I have a suite case almost *exactly* like that! My great grand aunt gave it to me. I'm planning on taking it on the plane when I fly to Wyoming in May. I'm excited. :D

  8. What an adorable bunny! I used to have several rabbits including a lion head and these pictures are making me miss them dearly! p. s. you always have the best necklaces!


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