Sunday, December 4, 2011

evening morning

this is another post of, bethany makes dumb faces! also, sorry for the delay in posting. i've been working on the shop this week, and making new stuff.

two modcloth dresses in a row! they are also the only two i actually own. that's pretty silly. anyway. d took these photos for me, and he was playing with an analog flash on top of my digital camera and was synching it. so we ended up with a lot of bright images and lots of jumping photos. i wore this outfit to stay in with him all day and watch television. best kind of day.

cardigan: thrifted
dress: modcloth
tights: kohls
shoes: forever 21

also! i'm sponsoring modest june / laughing with broken eyes with my etsy shop! go visit amber's blog and then visit my shop!


  1. Your faces are cute! That sounds weird. Your face is cute? Anyway, you know what I mean. And that dress is adorable. And your jumping shots are magical. I never get that much height!

  2. Adorable outfit, and I love your glasses!

  3. Cool! I go visit your shop!

    Nice pics and dress!

    Have a fun week :P.


  4. Your faces totally aren't dumb at all! I feel like I make weird faces on my blog only because I'm not sure if I should smile or not. Conundrum!

  5. I love jumping shots, and your face is a beautiful thing. We should practice those oh-so-whimsical twirling photos.

    ps: hey girl. hey.

  6. I like your face all the time. And the jumping photos are cute. :)
    -Andi x

  7. dumb faces are the best!

    I really like your bendy, sitting down picture.


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