Friday, August 26, 2011

look back carefully

while i am still unpacking and unloading all my belongings in my new room, i decided to do a phone post! these are some random photos from my phone from july to yesterday. including outfits you've never seen, fuzzy animals and food!

details: shirt: bon iver, skirt: anthropologie

details: shirt: thrifted, shorts: cut off levi's

nap time hair

sister pants

the avett brothers. three words that became hard to say.

after the avett brothers/concert tradition

vegan food in santa cruz

details: dress: h&m, tights: target, shoes: forever 21

birthday meal. THAI HOUSE

fluffy puppy

my button broke
details: dress: thrifted, belt: thrifted

almost got this dress. still thinking about it.



tomorrow i will attempt a real outfit post. hopefully. school starts on monday!


  1. Great photos! That blue skirt is so pretty, and so is the lace dress. And the bird curtain is super cute!

  2. I musta been hungry cause I'm eating my words: your tattoo is pretty!

  3. I love your tattoo! And the jumping pictures are so cute!

  4. omg that sesame bun looks delicioussss. oh, and get the dress. it's super duper pretty on you.

  5. Awsome skirt and whoa! the white dress is glorious :)


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