Wednesday, June 8, 2011

when you need someone to walk away from

caitlin went home yesterday. it's always bittersweet when she leaves. so far i've spent today watching adventure time and american restoration with D. i made breakfast and lunch and we're probably going to eat burritos later. i've been feeling rather inspired to make stuff happen with my handmade shop. i've got to have a nice inspirational planning session soon. that'll help.
y'all saw this dress when i wore it in texas (haha get it? y'all). but this is also the only other time i've worn it. it's getting really warm out now. it rained over the entire apricot fiesta weekend (which is why i'm lacking photos). but now it's summer like. soon i'll be too sweaty to want to move. oh well.

details: cardigan: target, dress: h&m, shoes: golden ponies


  1. Pretty dress and pretty girl :).

    Oh, but now you'll start planning the next time you see your friend ;)!

    Have a fun evening!


  2. Is this the dress you were unsure of? I think it looks really perfect in this outfit, you look gorge!

  3. Aww, I watched Adventure Time today too! & napped. Lots of naps.
    Miss you already. You look fantastic little girl.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could visit YOURS! I love the polka dots and I love all of your pictures. Especially the post below this one. They remind me of my home in Idahooo:) Yay!

  5. love your dress :) polka dots are so cute :)))

  6. Cute dress! I love polka dots, and your shoes are cool...I want more white shoes for summer. I have one pair of white (well, ivory) flats and have ended up wearing them all the time.


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