Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sugar pie honey bunch

i don't bake enough anymore. i used to bake all the time. i called it 'stressed baking' (a pushing daisies reference). i used to bake different cupcakes and cookies and things every week almost. now if i do it once a month that's a big deal.
i made these cupcakes for my grandma's 78th birthday. they're just simple vegan vanilla cupcakes with a vegan vanilla buttercream frosting. her request. the cookie is from her mom's sugar cookie recipe, and i just put the extra frosting in it. pretty much will put you into a diabetic coma.


  1. Everything looks so pretty and delicious, yum!

  2. Oh, Bethany, the cupcakes look amazing! I haven't baked anything in my whole life! But now that I've moved to America, I have a kick ass oven, so I'm planning to pick up the habit. Thanks for the inspiration ;).

    By the way, I made it sound as if there were no ovens where I lived before I moved (Argentina), haha. I just didn't have one, but everybody there does.

    Have a great week!


  3. Oh my goodness YOU made them?! They look so perfect!


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