Sunday, February 6, 2011

asleep in never never land

i've been going through days in a half asleep haze. either because i've been waking up early and i'm doing things all day, or because i go to bed late and still wake up early the next day. this saturday was no exception. i attended a 50th anniversary party of a family friend. my grandma picked out my outfit. she bought me this dress for christmas. it's a size too big, and it goes up when i raise my hands, but it's comfortable and eventually i'll take it in. but for now, it's fine.

dress: asos
tights: target
shoes: forever 21


  1. Your grandma shops on ASOS?! Amazing. You look like Wednesday Adams in the best possible way!

  2. Gorgeous dress - love the collar of course :D

    I've been barely conscious over the past week too! Oh well, spring will sort our cyrcadian rhythms out soon enough :D

    Hope you wake up this week ;) Have a good one!


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