Saturday, October 23, 2010

hoot hoot

i know i've been promising to show you what i've been up to lately.
here are the bullet points
  • i got into handborn again this year. handborn is a local craft show/fair that happens the saturday after thanksgiving in modesto, ca.
  • i've mostly been crafting/creating for handborn. i've gotten a few things up in my handmade etsy.
  • after that crazy concert weekend, i've still been trying to recover. playing catch-up with life isn't easy when you still have things to do.
  • trying to figure out the next direction i want my vintage etsy to go in. i'd love to style more shoots, but i need a more trustworthy model for that. so for now, i'm going to try to shoot things without a model. i'd love to hear input on this, what works for you and what makes you want to buy vintage items sight unseen.
  • also, the owls above are my latest creation. i've been saving showing them off to you completely. here are all the ones i have done, i plan on putting three of them up in the etsy shop. if you're interested, i can make you a listing! i've got three more i haven't finished, but this way handborn will get 6 owls! i've been very good at staying on top of the things i need to make.


  1. Hi there - I am signed up to do Handborn as well, it will be my first year doing it. Did you do it last year? Any thoughts or words of wisdom for the event?



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