Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i felt so uninspired for so long. i was crafting and sewing and making things because i had to. i didn't enjoy doing it anymore. it stressed me out. you shouldn't be stressed out by your passions. i stopped photographing for so long now i want to get back into it. i still feel like i'm not good enough with any thing i do. but for the first time in months i've felt like doing things again. it helps to have a friend going through this with you. i just want to do things because i want to, while enjoying doing them. i don't feel like that is too much to ask of anything. lately i've been living by letting go. i've been letting go of things i can't control. i can't control people, how they react, but i can control my life and what i do. i'm trying to make better decisions. and i think this has been one of my better decisions lately.

i bought some wool felt off of etsy. felt makes me happy. wool felt makes me even happier.

i also purchased some antique/vintage buttons. some of them are bone buttons used in the civil war era. they make me think of my brother, and his fascination with history and wars. and they make me wish i could make my own buttons. no two are the same. and i love that about them. i want to fill jars with them and use them in projects all the time.

i'm going to lay down and watch some bad television until i fall asleep


  1. you are too cute!! you went home and bought the felt and buttons. :)

    can't wait to craft more with you.
    we need to get stuff together to have a crafty picnic!!! that sounds fun. :)

  2. I feel like I could have written so much of this!! I have to remind myself every single day that there are things I can't control but it's so hard.
    Also, I just watched this half hour documentary called 'Photography Hijacked' that you NEED to see. It made me want to go out and just take a million photos, again. Haven't, yet, but I will! ;]
    -Andi x
    P.S. it stressed me out. you shouldn't be stressed out by your passions. YES!


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