Tuesday, May 18, 2010

less than thirty dollars

the thrift gods smiled upon me this afternoon

star wars trilogy vhs : .40 cents
ewok animated movie: .40 cents
basket i will use as purse: $1.99
leather tooled purse: $3.99

royal typewriter: $12.99 (i've paid 3.99 to 25 for a typewriter at a thrift store)
perfect working order! (this makes 7)

yashica t4: $1.99
terry richardson uses one of these. they go for about 150 to 200 on ebay
i've been wanting one for almost a year! i can't believe i found it. i flipped out. my friend, tiara and i jumped up and down and hugged and squealed.

slip/nightie: $1.99

dress: $4

overall a good day! i bought some other things. like my own pink gerbera daisy plant, a dress, shoes etc. but those weren't thrifted.

i'm behind on my etsy shop and i need to get caught up! i have so many clothes to post. i need some good light!


  1. Oh, heavens, Terry Richardson. That man makes me shudder. Haha. BUT awesome awesome finds. I have never ever seen a typewriter in a thrift store here. Thrifting here kind of sucks, mostly. Haha.
    -Andi x

  2. dude!! My mom is giving me a VHS/DVD player that converts VHS into DVD!!!



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