Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rich and poor

I have to say I forgot about Music Monday, of course. I've been forgetting a lot lately. It's the last real week of school and I'll be officially done tomorrow. But today I am going to go to Sacramento to see a lecture by photographer Jim Goldberg.

Here is some of his work, I'm really excited for this talk.

"I keep thinking where we went wrong. We have no one to talk to now, however, I will not allow this loneliness to destroy me—I STILL HAVE MY DREAMS. I would like an elegant home, a loving husband and the wealth I am used to," 1982.

"This picture says that we are a very emotional & tight family, like the three Musketteers." ... "Poverty sucks but it brings us closer together," 1979.

"Manny loves me—but I am too strong to love him." ... "This photo makes me want to cry," 1982.

"My life is personal, but I will tell you one thing I'm too fat," 1977.

view some more here

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  1. His work looks amazing. That would be a great lecture! I hope you enjoy it.
    -Andi x


thanks for the comment! i love hearing what you have to say and try to take time to visit every blog!