Sunday, February 24, 2013

buttons and bows

i've been finding myself listening to r. kelly's ignition (remix) whenever i need to start something. whether it has been getting ready for school/work, starting a paper, or this long, and overdue blog post.
hello. i'm alive.
while i seem to have lost my will to take 'outfit photos', as well as every day life photos, i am still around.  here is a list of things:

  • i have moved: i moved to a new 2/1 with my bestie/new roommate, caitlin. i have mentioned this happening before. i flew to her in jan, and we drove back to california from connecticut together. the drive went smoothly. now i am still getting settled, while she is completely unpacked. i can look to my left and see a pile of clothes and cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. one of these days i will finish. oh yeah, i've been here about a month now. so. probably not.
  • work is picking back up again, and i am not ready. the boyfriend had stopped working at the nursery briefly (that's where we met!), but is now employed there again. so although we work together, we don't get to spend nearly as much time together as we once did. also, i am not ready for the spring season. i know i can handle it just fine, but being a seasoned employee, and not a newbie this year, a lot more is expected of me (more hours included). this last week was 40 hours with my 12 unit school schedule. while i've done this before, it being my last semester it is a bit much, but nothing i can't handle. 
  • school! i graduate! i am so ready for it. 
  • pistachio is loving having all the room to run around now, sometimes he looks so happy running around, chewing on boxes. but i'm pretty sure i discovered a part of the couch (in the back luckily) that he has decided to chew, this is of course after i had covered all available cords. oh well. 
  • the boyfriend (okay, he has a name, it is michael) is the best thing ever. more on that later. 
  • instagram, still the one place i am semi-active.

in terms of clothing: this is one of my favorite cardigans ever of all time ever. thank you thrift store. shrunken wool cardigans have become a staple in my wardrobe. especially in lovely colors like this. the dress came from the modcloth last hurrah sale at the end of august, and i hadn't worn it until this. and i've worn it quite a few times since. 
now, it isn't as if i am not getting dressed. but with working 5 days a week, i prefer to go home after 8-9 hours of work and put on leggings and oversized sweatshirts than get dressed (especially when it is completely dark when i get home) and i haven't felt the need to photograph the outfits i wear to school the other two days a week. hopefully this will change, or maybe this blog will change. i'm not sure. 

cardigan: thrifted
dress: modcloth
belt: forever 21
shoes: asos


  1. I love this. The dress is so cute but the tights are great too.

    1. Love how you balance your look with thrift items - it is very natural and effortless looking well done.

  2. So lovely!! The buttons with bows on them are such a cute touch :) Glad to hear you're well!


  3. "i've been finding myself listening to r. kelly's ignition (remix) whenever i need to start something."

    One of the many reasons I love you.

    I've definitely not been feeling like taking photos of what I wear, lately, either. This outfit is adorable, though. I'm glad things are going well - good luck with school! Graduating is exciting :D

  4. I love this outfit - the color of your cardigan is just so perfect!

    Looks like you are super busy right now - graduation is so soon though! Congrats. :)


  5. Hi, there! What a great outfit! Love the colors and textures and it seems perfect for the kind of weather we're having these days ;). Yay to graduating! And don't miss the Ace Hotel and awesome (but expensive) vintage stores the next time you go to Palm Springs ;p!

    Hope you get to unpack soon, haha! I'm terrible with unpacking, too :/.

    Tight hugs!

  6. Ok. I get it. You are incredibly lovely.

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  9. I love love love those tights! Despite my admiration for them, I do understand the lack of wanting to photograph yourself - I like the clothes I wear, and I like blogging, but I really, really don't like the idea of posting my outfits on my blog. Even if you've enjoyed doing it, I don't think there's anything wrong just writing blogs with more written content than pictures. It's nice.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy it :) x

  10. Congrats, again, on your graduation! I haven't been blogging much myself either, but now I went online I had to come by and say hi ;). You look great in this white dress!


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