Tuesday, January 1, 2013

state of grace

i'm still posting outfits from 2012, i'm listening to taylor swift all too much, it's the first day of the new year, and i'm happy.  a lot went wrong in 2012, but then it all shifted to a whole lot of great. i rarely am one to utter the phrase, 'everything happens for a reason', but when things happen because of REASONS, it starts to make more sense. 
good things that happened: i started my new job, i met michael, i moved, michael and i started dating, i finished two semesters (one more to go!), did my first sacramento based craft fair, ~lost some more weight~, and made new plans for 2013 (which i will speak of later). 
i spent new years eve with michael, eating snacks, watching a documentary (marwencol), and parks and recreation and cuddling. it was perfect. 

this outfit contains many of my favorite colors and items. and i don't have much else to say beyond that. it seems a lot of people are losing their blogging spirit, and i might be in that group as well. i got busy, i got lazy, i preferred to sleep in with the boyfriend rather than get dressed for school. i'm not sure where this blog will go, i'm surprised it has gone as far as it has, but i love some of the people i've met because of it. so, why not keep it up?

cardigan: target
shirt: forever 21
skirt: american apparel via asos
shoes: payless
barrette: charlavail

i also updated my etsy shop with lots of new stuff! and i'm currently working on even more!


  1. Cheers to a new year!! It sounds like you've got a lot of wonderful things waiting for you to experience in 2013 :)


  2. OH I'm a Sacramento girl as well! I hope you do so much on your 2013 list! And let me know about any other fairs you are involved with. It would be awesome to meet you. ^_^

  3. Happy New Year, Bethany! ;D I'm glad that your 2012 turned out to be great in the end and I'm sure the one we have just started has a lot of awesome moments in store for you. I don't like saying "everything happens for a reason" either, but yeah, sometimes when you look back at the not-so-cool things you had to go through, you kind of feel ok about them because they took you where you are now, which is a good place ;).

    Oh, don't stop blogging (unless you start dreading it, haha)! I like reading you!



  4. i think winter kills some of the blogging spirit - you can't go outside as easily, you wanna fall asleep earlier and its just icky out (at least here). and i love this outfit. as always you are just adorable. and it sounds like you did have some great things , like meting your boy, in 2012 happen

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. You are too lovely. I hope the New Year has wonderful things in store for you!

  6. This is so adorable! I love the shirt/skirt combo. Hope that your New Year's was fabulous. Can't wait to see where 2013 take you and I hope you continue blogging. :)


  7. I adore this outfit! The little peter pan collar blouse is beautiful! and your shoes!
    Daisy Dayz Blog
    New Alternate Day Diet Blog

  8. i'm losing my blogging spirit a bit too as you say, hence the sparse posts lately but who knows. i think you look really darling here but more important, glad to hear you had many positive changes a the end of the year.

  9. I love your hair in this. Even if their is not much to say in the posts, you photos say it all for you.

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