Tuesday, December 11, 2012

light pollution

we have successfully made it into october in terms of outfits! it was still a little too warm to be wearing cardigans, but this day in particular, i had gotten out of school or work early, and got dressed to photograph michael and go eat dinner. he's been such a good sport for me this semester, being the subject of numerous projects.  but we will get to that a bit later. 
i love this dress. the side buttons may be near impossible to button, but i'm so glad i got this one at the last minute during the modcloth last hurrah sale. it has a slight sheen, or sparkle to it in light.  i wasn't sure how to wear it this day. because it wasn't cold, and i really imagined it with a mustard cardigan, but that's still something i don't own. 

right after taking these photos, i took the lipstick off. it used to be something i wore a lot more often, but now it doesn't feel like me as much. but i do miss it.  

cardigan: target
dress: dear creatures, via  modcloth
shoes: payless 

now, to add some recent and present light onto my life, this past weekend i had that craft fair i mentioned! i did well! better than i thought i would seeing as how i had never shown around here. this is definitely something i am going to keep doing.  michael (the boyfriend) attended with me and was the best. he dealt with me being weird and anxious very well, and manned the booth well enough on his own so i could go walk around and talk to people and warm up (we were in the shade the whole day). 

if you follow me on instagram, you've already seen these. 

this is a bit of my booth, i've slowly varied and learned the best way to showcase my things. i'm still learning.

this is what i wore. along with a coat. and gloves. and a scarf. 
you can't see, but i'm wearing over the knee socks OVER my tights.

and internet, this is michael. 


  1. I love the dress! It's so classy and slightly nautical. I'm so glad the craft fair went well! Your booth is cute!

  2. I LOVE how low the collar on that dress goes!! It is so adorable and I'm feeling you on not wearing much lipstick anymore... though I still love it!! :)


  3. I love that dress, the colour is beautiful! And congratulations on the craft fair xo

  4. That is such a lovely dress! Glad that you had a wonderful craft fair; you are very lucky to have a supportive boyfriend that helps you with things like that. :)


  5. Congrats on the cute boyfriend but of course he has to be a major babe to snag a major babe like you. :-D That dress is so incredibly cute and the crafts booth looks super attractive, I would've definitely taken something home.

  6. Your goodies look really cool! And so does your black dress ;).

    Nice to meet you, Michael!


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