Thursday, August 9, 2012

in which i discuss the anniversary of the day of my birth

so this is what i wore on my birthday (the 5th). i thrifted this princess-y dress months back, for $5. and it was totally worth it. it even has POCKETS. if you know me at all, you know how i feel about pockets. i love them. my friend javi came up and took me to brunch, and then we went down to old sacramento for a bit. later in the evening i ate pizza with some more friends. it was low key, but also nice. i had already gone out for food and a movie with anita, and then my parents are coming this weekend to probably go eat more food. if you can't tell, i like food. 
i also wore a ribbon in my hair, which made me feel like a disney princess.
my birthday didn't feel like a birthday this year. i turned old (25), and the boy was out of town (on the oregon coast, boo that whore). but nice friends make days nice. and so does delicious food and mimosas. 

this is javi, internet! we've been friends since high school, and long time pen pals.

dress: thrifted
shoes: payless
photos by javi!


  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous. Oh pockets, that just makes just any dress worth it. Glad that you had a wonderful birthday!


  2. Oh my gosh, $5 and pockets...?!? That is such an amazing find! And hahah, that's awesome you had a nice birthday! Happy belated!

    ♥ x i x i a

  3. OMG that dress is so cute! It looks adorable on you. Happy birthday again, lady. :D My celebrations mainly dealt with food and movies, too.
    -Andi x

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  5. ohymgosh what an AMAZING thrift find. this dress fits you so well and looks so cute on. and i love the bow in your hair. every girl needs to feel like a princess sometimes. and yeah. i will forever dress like i'm a kid even if i'm 24. or 25 (we must have been born in the same year). i love birthdays with just food and drinks with friends - that's how i would rather it be

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. The second photo of you is absolutely stunning, and this thrift find seems like it is perfect for you! I was just scrolling and my husband walked past the computer and even commented on how lovely a picture it was! Oh, and your friend is pretty darn cute also!


  7. Glad you had a nice birthday, even if it didn't feel very birthday-ish. You look gorgeous, and that dress is so cute. Pockets are the best!

  8. That dress is a dream. The color looks beautiful on you.
    Birthdays can be weird. I love them but I also hate them. haha.

  9. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! That dress is so lovely. What is it with pockets? I love them too. When I find a dress I like and realize that it has pockets, it makes me like it even more!

  10. Congrats! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, by what you've told it sounds super cosy and fun! That dress is wonderful, I feel the same way about pockets as you I think (meaning: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH POCKETS) and having that cute princess dress WITH pockets is just dress-perfection. Also, my favorite thing to do on (my) birthday(s) is eat too. Food is just always good. :-D Your friend is hella handsome by the by!

  11. Such a cute outfit! I am happy you had a good birthday!!!

  12. Happy birthday! These photos are gorgeous...what a perfect birthday dress! The saddle shoes are great with it too. I love your saddle shoe outfits :)

  13. I'm really really loving your outfit! It's got an awesome 50's vibe about it, and I can't stop admiring your shoes! They're so cute :) Glad you had a lovely day!

    Jenny xox

  14. While I'd like to disagree and point that twenty-five is not old, instead I'll just wish you a happy birthday!

    Also, insanely jealous of you getting that cute dress for only five bucks!

  15. Love that color on you, you are so pretty! i think i already told you late happy birthday but if not, happy late birthday again! glad to hear you had an enjoyable day, spending quality time w/ friends like that really sounds like the best. 25 was and odd birthday for me and has turned out an odd year but i dont even know why i'm saying that....... happy weekend! or do you work weekends? happy summer actually! enjoy omg.. possibly your last "summer" ever!

  16. Oh, happy very belated birthday! That's a proper dress to celebrate one's birthday ;).

  17. That's the most perfect birthday dress! $5???!!! And also, very very late happy birthday to you :)


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