Wednesday, July 25, 2012

bittersweet symphony

i recently went back home to visit my parents/family for my mom's birthday. i didn't take any photos. at all. in fact, my camera never even made it out of my bag. but i had a nice time. lots of silly times with my newly giant little brother (he's nearly as tall as me, i'm 5'9"), walks with my mom, and a FULL GAME OF MONOPOLY. it took us 3.5 hours. my sister and i painted our nails, and my mom french braided our hair while we listened to the 90s pop station on pandora and sang along to britney spears. i have no shame. 
but before that, i wore this outfit to go to the drive in with some boy to watch the new spiderman movie, and prometheus. i really liked spiderman. i don't really ~get alien movies. but i watched the whole thing. i've worn this outfit kinda sorta once before. i just really like the peach with the colors of the skirt. plus my cute new hair barrette i got from charlavail's store. i like supporting artists that are working towards something. her tumblr is kind of inspirational. she wants to open an art space/confectionary kind of thing. plus, skulls in mint green. 

cardigan: forever 21
shirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
skirt: target
shoes: asos


  1. Tell your brother to stop growing!!!!! He is getting too big.

  2. Sometimes it's nice to not take out the camer a and really enjoy time with the family. Happy birthday to your mom!

    p.s. I love your striped skirt. Adorable!

  3. first of all, what a fantastic barrette! it's very unique and of course, who doesn't love mint!
    i'm glad you had a good time with your family too! i find that when i'm with people, it is more difficult to remember to take out the camera haha. oh wellls :))

    that peach colored blouse looks sooo pretty on you with your hair color. i love it!

  4. Hattitude Style Blog
    gosh i love your whole look. you are too cute. your hair in waves is awesome! monopoly used to be mine and my roomates favourite past time to avoid homework!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  5. Hello! I just discovered you blog, and I can tell its going to be one of my favorites! You have really incredible style! I always steer away from buying tshirts because I fear that they will look too boyish, but you make them so super girly. You also have incredible lovely hair and super cool glasses! Hope you're having a lovely day! (:

  6. I like how you mix those colors :)
    Lovely outfit

  7. That outfit is so cute - I really like the skirt. It's gorgeous!! Colorblocked designs are a favorite of mine.
    And ahh, that's amazing you finished a Monopoly game! I don't think I've ever been able to do that - it always either takes too long or people get bored or both. XD
    ♥ xixia |

  8. Found you from Katherine's blog. This is such a simple, perfectly put together outfit! You are convincing me that I really need a pair of those shoes! And that skull barrett is adorable, if that's even the word for it! -Jessica


  9. Pretty! I really like those colours together. Monopoly takes an insanely long time to finish doesn't it?!

  10. actual full games of monopoly are almost impossible. it takes FOREVER. especially if you start forming alliances and making it something it shouldnt really be (I do that :p). the preview for promethus made me want to cry/sick because it was like a seizure. i don't really like alien movies myself, but i do wanna see spiderman. and that little barette is ADORABLE. a pastel skull - just awesome. and i love your tri color skirt and little sunday school shoes. you are always dressed so cute. love it.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. Hahaha, full game of monopoly. We don't even try to go there anymore, we just play pictionary and Jenga or something. :-D I really liked the spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst so I'm a little hesitant towards the new Spidey. I do like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone though so I might give it a go when they can be rented. Going to a drive in with a nice boy sounds super romantic though. I especially love your shoes, cardi and hairbarette! Also, you have gorgeous long legs!

  12. hahaha when the movie can be rented I mean, not Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone! :-D

  13. I adore this skirt so much. I wish I had picked it up at Target when I had the chance. Gah! I lovedddd the new spiderman, even more so than the first series. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are just too perfect together. I want to go to a drive in someday! It's on my list!

  14. i absolutely adore your outfit! :)

  15. You hair is just perfect in all of these photos.

    And oh my! 3.5 hours, I don't think I've ever finished a game of Monopoly.. ahha.

    xoxo Mama Wolf

  16. gah a WHOLE game of monopoly? i have to confess, i've never done it. usually an hour and a half in i flip the board out of boredom. and my little brother's the same way- he's 6'3 now!! so so weird.

    And you look absolutely adorable- this whole outfit is the definition of sweet. i especially love that skirt

  17. I'm gonna say that I didn't think it was possible to actually finish a game of Monopoly! And listening to 90s pop music while painting your nails? My kinda girl :)

  18. That sounds like a perfect trip home to me :o) And that barrette is so awesome.



  20. I saw your guest post on Of Corgis and Cocktails and I immediately clicked the link to your blog. Your style is just perfection! Definitely a new follower :)

  21. Love the skirt, such nice colours. Also, having just finished a full game of monopoly I can fully relate to your pain.

  22. wait wait wait! is this THE Bethany from livejournal that I used to follow when I was in high school? and we exchange e-mails and addresses and were supposed to be penpals, but it never happened? lol if not, i probably sound totally crazy! my username on lj was telegraphss and before that __keepsakes. could this be true?? xoxo


  23. so pretty! everything works together so well :)


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