Sunday, June 17, 2012

the notches in your spine

i've read the first ten pages of a book, i have made one characteristically crooked stuffed animal (working on a second), went to the drive-in, and dyed my hair since i last updated. while, these photos are the precursor to these events, this was probably one of my favorite things i've worn in a long time. i can't wait to duplicate it with cardigans and tights in the fall. 

my friend tiara is supposed to come see me this coming week, and i am very excited for this! she's down from portland for the month, and i don't know how much we will actually get to see each other, seeing as how we are still located 90 miles away from each other, but she's going to stay with me for a day and night and i could really use some bff/girl time with her. 

blouse: forever 21
skirt/belt: target
shoes: asos


  1. Can't wait until my hair grows so it's pretty like yours ^^

  2. super cute outfit, you looks so pretty as always, hope you have much fun with your BFF


  3. That shiiiirrrrt it is everything perfect!

  4. I LOVE this outfit, Bethany! Polka dots are my fav! Have a fun time with your friend visiting this week! :)

    xx Adrian

  5. Your blog is amazing! I really like your style:D

  6. THAT TOP! a;sdfja;lsdfja;!!!! Seriously. Is it available online? (I seriously hope not because I can't afford it) So cute. So perfect. So you. Why are you the cutest thing in the world!? Seriously, you're one gorgeous person.

  7. Love your blouse, Bethany! ;) Hope you have a blast with your friend!


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