Saturday, June 9, 2012

in between days

i've been feeling out of sorts with this blog lately. i don't want to put forth the effort to be the kind of blog that other people want their blogs to me. i get dressed often, usually just for a few hours, to leave the house, into a different reality for a while. but i haven't been photographing those outfits. this was a rare exception to the rule. 

i still haven't picked up a book, i haven't sewn. everything is in disarray! i need to be held accountable and get stuff done! but life is good, and is worth living and i don't have time for silly matters such as laundry and sewing machines! what even. 

dress: forever 21
belt: thrifted
shoes: asos


  1. beautiful dress, love the pairing with the brown shoes and belt.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  2. You look gorgeous. I've been feeling the same way lately, there is so much to do at the moment that I'm spending all my time focussing on the fun stuff while my laundry mountain gets bigger and bigger. Hope you are having a great weekend xo

  3. Nice dress and you look stunning. Love the outfit & belt!

  4. Pretty pretty lady. I'm glad to hear life is good! Don't feel bad for having fun and doing awesome stuff. Sometimes responsibilities can be put aside for a little while

  5. Love this dress! And taking a break is good ;). Enjoy life!

  6. I love this dress. You look beautiful. I kinda know what you mean about blogging - I haven't been feeling it lately.
    -Andi x


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