Tuesday, May 29, 2012

that'll be the day

 this outfit is a little old. i wore it on may 8th to see delta spirit! for the millionth time. it wasn't the same as the last time i saw them though. new venue, my friends weren't all there by my side. it was quiet and their new album is just so different. i still love them though. 

simple outfits are my favorites. neutrals. polka dots. cardigans and oxfords. they make sense to me. i love how simple it is to throw on a dress and instantly look put together. i never felt that way when i wore jeans and t-shirts. 
i'm going to pick up and book and finish it this week. i'm going to work on dissolving my farmer's tan. i'm going to spend time with my family, and eat ice cream. simple happiness makes sense. it shouldn't be hard. 

cardigan & dress: forever 21
shoes: asos


  1. Polka dots! They're the best. It's nice to have a look :) I love the lighting effect on your second last photo too.

  2. I love your blog, great work so far, I have just started a fashion blog of my own, please come n have a look. Follow me and I’ll follow you back ;) xx



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