Saturday, February 11, 2012


another daily photo update.

jan 24
school started. i've got some gaps between glasses so i'd sit outside in the sun and read. 

jan 25
pistachio often thinks he is a puppy.

jan 26
i ate a plethora of grapefruits for a while. i like peeling them and eating them in sections.

jan 27

jan 28

jan 29
i walked to the flea market, and by the time i made my way back, someone had crashed into the bushes. 

jan 30
i paid rent

jan 31
sad stuff.

feb 1
view from my window

feb 2
i also read in parking garages.

feb 3

feb 4
flea market again

feb 5
instead of super bowl, i got my hair did.

feb 6

feb 7

feb 8
i broke my phone

feb 9
holes in all my tights.

feb 10
favorite person came over and we did fun things all day.

feb 11
working on stuff.

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