Saturday, January 28, 2012


finished my first week of school this week! woo hoo! i quickly need to form some really amazing study habits to keep up on my work, otherwise i'm going to fall behind. i have a really interesting class for my intermediate digital photography class. it's not so much manipulation based, but we are going to be shooting one subject for the entire semester. we'll have varied assignments that will eventually lead us to forming a portfolio. i find this really intimidating. i've got an idea or two, and i'm going to start shooting tomorrow, seeing as how i slept in today (it was much needed & my bed was so cozytown). 

i took these photos on top of one of my school's parking garages! boy it was windy up there. i've got a couple hour gap between two of my classes on tuesdays and thursday. other than up here, i'm not sure where else to take outfit photos. we've got a really pretty tree filled campus, but i'm intimidated in taking them in too much of a public space. 
also, i got this dress from modcloth during the cabin fever sale, for a steal! it's my first dear creatures dress and i'm smitten. it's got a liner that doubles as a kind of crinoline, so it has so much volume! i tied the straps in the front because i was sitting in chairs all day, i didn't want some big knot on my back all day. 

coat: tucker for target
cardigan: target
dress: dear creatures, via modcloth
tights: target
shoes: asos


  1. Cute Dress! I was tempted to buy some stuff from Modcloth during the sale but had to resist :(

  2. I love this look so much especially the striped dress.

  3. What a lovely dress, I know what you mean about the bow at the back though, it's a pain when that happens!
    I'm intrigued by the photography project, please post some images when you take them :)

  4. Love it! I think this winter I'll try and get some maroon or mustard tights...
    I always like carparks as a backdrop. They're so odd when empty.

  5. I love that shot of the skirt all floaty!

  6. Foxy lady!!! I think I remember you tweeting a photo of you in this dress (if not, ignore me, I'm a creepy) and was excited to see you post in it.

    I have a random gap in between my classes-- wouldn't it be so convenient if you lived here? We could get coffee and take blog pictures for each other.

  7. Your photography class sounds supercool. I'm sure you'll be great!
    And that dress is so cute. I've wanted a Dear Creatures dress for a long time, but seem to always miss them when they go on sale.

  8. Ooohhhh hey fluffy skirt. Looks lovely, little girl. I like that you did photos on top of the parking garage. I might do that at Housatonic once day.

  9. Wow wow wow, your dress is truly a dream! You suit stripes perfectly. And I love the jacket you paired with it - the lengths work so well together!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  10. amazing blog...i'm following you now

  11. I recently graduated from Arizona State, but I still work on campus and I totally know what you mean when you say that you're too intimidated to take them in a public place! Everyone is either staring at you or asking you what you're taking photographs for! I try to find a quite place, but that doesn't always work out. It's a struggle for me too! Cute outfit! :)

  12. Adorable dress :)

    xo jennifer

  13. Very nice, I love your dress. xx

  14. Oooh, I'm totally stealing this look. I have a dress with similar stripes and those same tights!


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