Thursday, January 5, 2012

curiouser and curiouser

alice sweater: forever 21, gift
jeans: gap, gift
necklace: fever few, gift
shoes: forever 21
bag: vintage coach/thrifted

my gal pal, tiara, took these photos with her new iphone! the quality is pretty awesome. this was during my 'winter break'. technically, it still is winter break for me. i don't go back to school until the 23rd. pretty stoked on that. but at this time, i was staying at my grandma's house again, and tiara was down from portland. so we went semi-exploring. we accidentally ended up in stockton, and were reminded of our favorite asian market, that's next door and across the street from thrift stores. we got out thrift on, and tamarind candy and lychee jellies on. she's flying back to portland today, and i'm doing absolutely nothing. because i still can't find my dslr remote, and my room is a mess. hopefully one of these things will fix itself by the end of the day.


  1. Meh!! I think I want an iphone... but then I remember that I can go a week without charging my really old school nokia phone that only texts and calls. I have my ipod for all that other stuff! But at the same time... how handy would it be to have everything in once device?? hmmmm... Love your top! And shoes. And your hair. :)

  2. Awe, what a cute photo shoot! The quality of the pics is really good!

    Hope you can find that remote! ;)

  3. Wow! You don't go back until the 23rd!? Lucky, I go back on the 9th. I love these pictures, you're cute <3

  4. Woah. Those are iPhone photos? Geez. I need to upgrade my old 3GS ;) Love your sweater. So cute.
    -Andi x


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