Monday, October 24, 2011

what i've seen

it seems i've disappeared again. i've been so busy with ~midterms~ that i only managed to post once. i apologize. i want to build up more features for the blog for more consistent posting throughout the week. i used to do a music monday, way back in the day, would that of interest to you? anything you'd like to see? anything! really. bueller?

back to business: this dress was my other modcloth last hurrah sale purchase! a whole $15! and totally worth it. it has pockets, and a collar and a slight ~retro~ feel to it. fits in flawlessly with my wardrobe. i wore this, to go with my bestie to go see the fling! it was the third time i've seen them this year. (that seems really fangirl of me, but they're super nice dudes, make great music, and i feel that good music needs support) it was a nice way of celebrating making it through the week. i've got about 7 more weeks to go, so let's hope i don't collapse by then.

cardigan: target
dress: modcloth
tights: target
shoes: thrifted

want to listen to the fling? (you do)


  1. I love these photos, you are beautiful! You about how you do your makeup! What products you use, etc. TopShelf yourself (!

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the pattern on this dress and the contrasting collar. Beautiful!

  3. Love it. Love the contrasting collar. I hate uni so much, but I'm almost done... only a few weeks to go, forever!

  4. LOVE the dress sisterr. props on the sale :)

  5. Super cute dress!
    I love when bloggers have different features, like awesome things they've found on the 'net (clothes, jewellery, interiors, art); things they've made/crafting/cooking; inside handbags/beauty regimes - anything that lets me get my nosy on basically :)

  6. i love the colors of this outfit! so pretty together. and those shoes are just perfect... xx

  7. another sale find! I love the pinkish trim on this dress and you look wonderful in it :)

  8. CUTE. That dress is so lovely on you! Also, yes, music Monday! You kind of have the best taste in music, and whenever you recommend something to me it's always awesome.

  9. I'm all for music Mondays. My Music OCD contstantly has me searching for it so a top 5 song list of the week would be super cool?
    Of course your pictures are always a fun one to look at :)

  10. That dress is super cute! $15? Hell yeah!

  11. Nice outfit!


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