Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the rip tide

sunday i was lucky enough to see beirut at the independent in san francisco! they played a show at the fox theatre the day before. that theatre seats 2,800 people. the independent holds 500. it sold out immediately and i got a ticket. so did my friend anita. we attempted to get to the bay area early enough to go to the alameda flea market. but we both kind of suck at being on time, and we got there right when everyone was leaving. but we still walked around, and ate donuts. then we got DELICIOUS sandwiches at ike's place in the castro. my first time there. mmm so good. i got the 'sometimes i'm a vegetarian' and it was amazing. so amazing, i even spilled some pesto on my dress. of course.

beirut was also amazing! we were front row center! i took some phone photos that i'll compile into a phone post in a week or so. but seriously. so amazing. i've seen them before, including the last time they played a venue this small and at a festival. but this was incredible.

cardigan: h&m
dress: forever 21
belt: vintage/thrifted
socks: asos
shoes: asos
bag: vintage sx-70 polaroid camera case

and for those of you who haven't heard of beirut:


  1. Very pretty little lady. I love your socks and dress!

  2. I LOVE this dress! You look amazing in it!

    I always spill sauce on my clothes :/ ...

    And thanks a lot for your sweet words today ;). Hugs!


  3. this is SO cute! i absolutely adore this outfit. current favorite. :) :)

    and you saw beirut! awesome!!

  4. Beirut are awesome! And I love your dress, I've been looking for a cream lace dress for ages! Pretty!

  5. Sounds like an awesome day! I wish I could live in the bay area. Maybe eventually!

    Your lace dress is beautiful, and I like how you added fall colors to this it's sort of a fall version of red, white and blue. So cute!

  6. I'm really jealous of you, first you got to see Beirut and then you have that pretty dress! Will look for it at Forever 21 ;)

  7. I have this dress and have never been quite happy with my stylings of it. I'm going to copy you! xo

  8. Your hair looks super awesome-cute-awesome!
    And I love the maroon socks with lace.

  9. You are seriously too cute. I love this outfit. Those maroon knee highs are so great! Well, the whole thing is great. I'm rambling now. But anyway, this outfit is wonderful.
    Also, I want to go back to San Francisco so we can hang out and do cool things and see good bands together. Please?


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