Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oh man, oh my, oh me

i've been listening to the new fleet foxes album, helplessness blues constantly. i really wish i had purchased tickets to see them. but it's sold out now. i've seen them a couple times before, so i'm not entirely too heartbroken. but i love them so. and this album is simply amazing.
i SHOULD be studying/organizing for my math final tomorrow. it'll be my last math final ever, and my last final of junior college. i'm one of those who've spent twice as long as they should've in junior college. but i'm finally going to be transferring this fall. anyway.
so today i got dressed to go study with my friend from class, but she had finals to work on as well, so our times got messed up and it wasn't feasible for me to drive all the way to school for 20 minutes of studying. so after this post, i'll be officially studying. hopefully.

outfit details:
cardigan: target
shirt: urban outfitters (many moons ago)
jeans: forever 21
shoes: forever 21
bag: vintage dooney and bourke, thrifted


  1. Oh goodness, I love fleet foxes. I haven't heard the new album yet, just the new single, but I will be seeing them in just a few weeks! I'm so excited! Anyway, I love your nautical top. It looks so cute with that red sweater!

  2. Such a cute top :) Hope your study went well :)

  3. adorable outfit :) haven't heard of fleet foxes so thank you for introducing me to them!

  4. Best luck in your very last math final! :D Good vibes your way!

  5. LOVE this look. The red looks great on you. And those glasses are simply perfect. :)


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