Friday, March 18, 2011

everywhere i go

sometimes i try to take outfit photos without a tripod. most of them end up weird and unusable. i don't usually have anyone to take photos for me, so i manage by myself. i use two different cameras, a point and shoot and a dslr. it's almost easier with the point and shoot, even though the quality isn't nearly the same. i also make so many weird faces, get impatient, do weird things with my hands. these photos are proof of this.

outfit details:
cardigan: american eagle
dress: thrifted gift
tights: target
shoes: thrifted


  1. What an adorable outfit! Like you! I usually feel like taking pictures of myself outside but feel to shy to take my trypod and pose in publis. There's rarely people in the streets here in Ontario, California, but still. And during the weekend, when I go out with my husband, I get even shyer ... does it make any sense? Hehe. Well, I'm an awkward person ...

    Hope you have a great weekend! ;)


  2. I love how these shades of grey and blue look so gorgeous with your red hair, looking at your photos always makes me miss having red hair so much!

  3. Love it! Everything just goes together so well :)
    I love the graph print skirt, and the pussybow blouse, and of course I can't go past those loafers!
    I'm so lazy with outfits lately :/
    (aka everything)

  4. Your hairrrrrr. It's so perfect. This outfit is adorable and so are you. :)


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