Monday, January 24, 2011


this is a throwback outfit of sorts. i styled my hair differently, a little vintage feel to it. it's the first time i've ever done anything like this. but i think i'll keep doing it. it was nice. having my hair down without it being all over my face. (speaking of face, i'm making such angry/sad faces in these photos)
and this sweater! it's so old! i bought it from urban outfitters in 2007 (i checked the order in my email!) and i only wore in once then. and to be honest? i haven't fit in it since. but i've held onto it because it's just so cute. (owls!) plus, i'm really into animal sweaters.

it has sleepy owls on the back, and awake owls on the front. ridiculous.

sweater: urban outfitters circa 2007
jeans: forever 21
shoes: walmart (ha ha)

i wore all this to go on a walk to visit my favorite toddler and her mama, talk about our adventures in crafting, and walk home at night again. walking is my favorite thing to do.


  1. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. This look (glasses, hair, red lips) totally suits you!

  2. Oh, that sweater is the cutest. I've wanted an animal related sweater for the longest! And oh my goodness, I kind of LOVE your shoes. I need to get myself over to Walmart pronto.

  3. OMG what an amazing owl jumper & your shoes are wonderful too! Not to mention your hair & look stunning my dear! :) I love walking too, its the only exercise I get in fact!

  4. Super cute!! :) Thanks for visiting us!

  5. those shoes are walmart?! WHAT. i was totally expecting you to say, all cool like, "vintage." is it recent? because i need to get myself that pair. i lyk dem.

    your sweater is sooo adorable too! i wish socal wasn't so hot all the damn time so i could wear cute sweaters. especially cute sweaters with cuter little animals like owls. adorable.

  6. The glasses + makeup + hair is the thing that is most striking. But I would wear everything too...

  7. Those owls are to die for and your shoes are rather lovely too.

    Your hair looks amazing like this, especially with those club masters. (I've been wanting a pair for ages - I can only hope they'd look at least half as cool on me ;) )

  8. You look fantastic. I love love love red lipstick on you!!
    -Andi x

  9. That sweater is pretty spectacular. And you look amazing in these photos!


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