Tuesday, January 11, 2011

record of the day

i've been considering doing a new ~segment~ on the blog called 'record of the day' it might not be a daily thing, but maybe a weekly or bi-weekly thing. i'll take a photo of whatever record i'll be listening to for the day, along with a video of a song from the album.
i have so many records and they've just been collecting dust lately, so this is my way of fulfilling one of my mental resolutions this year to listen to more records. enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. great idea for a post! i've often thought of doing this myself...
    ps. i came across your blog (via Coco Maria) and then after a few minutes i realized i've been eyeing something in your etsy shop for a few weeks now. finally buckled down and made the purchase! :)


thanks for the comment! i love hearing what you have to say and try to take time to visit every blog!