Friday, January 28, 2011

made with love

orange kitten cat brooch

i've been working on a lot of stuff for my etsy lately. including cat brooches! (in 5 colors) and more heart brooches (just in time for valentines day)

black kitten cat brooch

red, pink and cotton candy heart brooches

hello linen flag bunting

vintage floral owl plush

pink lemonade tampon pouch

click each image to go to the item listing!


  1. AHHH the little kitty faces! :D

  2. i love the little makeup bag/ pencil case in the last photo, super cute and soft looking :)

    check me out!

  3. I'm wearing one of your heart pins in my outfit post today. (I linked to your etsy shop of course!).
    I love the little cat brooches. Might have to order some of these for gifts.

  4. Awe, I love the kitties! >*.*< I love kitties in any shape, size or color! :D


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