Friday, November 12, 2010

put the fun in funeral

these were all taken at my place of work. i work at a funeral home. right now i'm at home because they can't afford to pay me, but hopefully, business will pick back up again. there is no possible way to say that without sounding morbid.

but this is one of my typical work outfits. black dress, black cardigan, black shoes and tights. sometimes i wear more color. i don't have a problem with wearing black! i just don't have a lot of clothes or money to spend on clothes to make more outfits out of what i've got.

outfit details:
dress: target
cardigan: target
tights: anthropologie
shoes: forever 21
necklaces: whistle necklace from etsy (i forget where!)
seed necklace from tiara's shop!


  1. Those bow tights are so cute :)

    I just read the post title to my other half and told him where you work. He says to say he 's envious (so am I actually, there is something rather interesting about funeral homes IMO). Love the pics.

  2. your tights are purdy :)

    ps you and i both won the give away at lune vintage! yay!!!

  3. Hello from another Lune vintage sponsorship winner. Congrats!

  4. lol! Oh my goodness, this is such a wild setting for an outfit shoot- I love this :)


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