Monday, August 16, 2010

it's a hit

i felt super inspired by today's etsy's email so i decided to pick my favorite things and post them here:

i'm imaging my future bedroom. all cool with blues, seafoam greens, mustards, white and woods.

i still haven't found my dream pink typewriter. i look every time i thrift shop. i couldn't justify this price tag though!

ah my favorite punctuation mark! and covered in moss?! perfect for my woodland obsession.

too bad these weren't my size! i'm really into loafers, wingtips and lately things with fringe.

this is just the most perfect color. and i've been thinking a lot about square frame cameras (or 6x6 for those who know what i'm talking about)

i had a decent thrift day today! might have to post some of my hauls, and A LOT of them will be up in the shop soon!

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  1. Nnngh, I love all of this. I wish I had a typewriter at all. Well, I have one but it actually makes my fingers bleed (the keys are too hard to press). And they're practically impossible to find here. In fact, they might be impossible altogether. But that pink one!! Swoon.
    -Andi x


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