Tuesday, June 8, 2010

teen dream

i'm still housesitting in oakland, currently listening to beach house (they've been growing on me) and drinking water. today was a good day. i went to the cheeseboard collective in berkeley for an amazing pizza. it's only vegetarian and a different (and only one) pizza every day. tomorrow i'm seeing my favorite band (delta spirit), and their album came out today as well. go buy it!

here are some photos

this is caitlin. ain't she cute? this day we went to see a show for our friends band, neighbors, and we forgot about our bart transfer and had to take the bus. oops.

this is caitlin and i before we saw local natives last week. SO GOOD.

this is norman. he's a cat. kinda.

it might be a while until my next post. sorry.

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  1. I look hella cute with my eyes closed. The boys should be lining up. Glad to be here with you, baby and thanks for the blog shout-out :)


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