Saturday, August 20, 2011

too afraid to love you

i've talked about my standards on here before my go-to pieces. this belt, these shoes, this purse. they're all in there. it's a coincidence that all of them are vintage. and each of them cost less than $10. quality is important.

i wore this to hang out with my friend tiara, a couple days before she moved to portlandia. we price checked at target (that's where we took these photos!) and ate food and just hung out. a lot of people i know have up and moved to portland. i guess it's accurate when they say that it is where young people go to retire.

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
purse: vintage coach / thrifted
shoes: vintage / ebay

on a life related note, i'm moving next tuesday. so i've been spending most of my time packing up and trying to get organized. i've got a long way to go. hopefully i'll squeeze an outfit or two in there, if not, i apologize my lovelies.

if you'd like, take a visit at my shop, i'm closing it for vacation in a day, so you should swoop something up to help with my moving.


  1. The sun flare is so epic!

    Good luck with your move!!! And come vist me!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh Bethany. Words couldn't express how much I love this post!!!! That dress is INSANE. It's killer. Is that a peter pan collar!?!? It's so you. I think it was destiny that you found it (or it found you?). Seriously. You look so beautiful! Good luck on the move! I'm moving here in 6 days! Eeek!

  3. Lovely! Those shoes look comfy. And the sunset looks pretty too.
    I would like to go to portland and san fran, they both seem like places that would be nice to visit. Hopefully I'll get there eventually.

    Re: Yes, it's def an obsession now. But hey, gotta spend my money on something haha. And I really like sharing too. Most days lately have been spent looking at camera tutorials and shops ^^

  4. Good luck with packing and the move! This dress is such a great find. I love black and white dresses and am looking forward to wearing more black when the weather cools down in Southern California. The tan accessories look great with the dress too!

  5. Those shoes are the definition of perfection. And that first photo is epic. I hope your move goes smoothly :)


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